Grandmasters Mike & Vicki Neiman have over 37 years of martial arts experience -

*  Inducted seven times into U. S. A Martial Arts Hall of Fame  and both have been inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame.

*  Certified instructors and 8th degree black belts through the Universal Taekwondo Association: Grand Master Soo Kon Kim of Peoria, IL and the World Hosin-Hapkido Federation.

*  Trained over 200 Black Belts–including one Navy Seal, an Air Force bomb squad member, and an Army self defense trainer.

*  Founders of the Heartland Martial Arts League, members of Martial Arts Industry Assoc., Qigong Institute & the U.S. National Martial ArtsTeam -  "The Alliance".

*  Continuing education in martial arts, self defense, stress management, wellness and personal development. Received their Ph.D.'s in Martial Arts Philosophy & Martial Arts Science in 2008.

*  The SCTKD Regional Championships held each spring is one of the largest martial arts tournaments held in Central Nebraska with competitors from Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.  They are past state directors of the Amateur Athletic Union’s (AAU) Taekwondo program. Their students have traveled with them to national competitions in Lawrence, KS,  Rochester, MN, Knoxville, TN, Toledo, OH, Colorado Springs, CO, Denver, CO, Richmond, IN, Peoria, IL, Houston, TX, Des Moines, IA, Honolulu, HI, Jamaica & Cancun, Mexico

Grandmasters Mike & Vicki Neiman